Saturday, June 16, 2007


Bedrest sucks. Seriously. I know that it could be so much worse so I feel bad for bitching. I really do. But i miss my kid. I want to do laundry. I just dont like feeling out of control and helpless. I know that I need to do whats best for the baby and I am okay with that, its just a temporary moment of suckiness in the big picture of it all. You know me though, I asked the Dr. if I could be up to scrapbook (sitting only and not for extended periods of time). So I have been working on a "proto-type" for my baby announcements. I am scanning them as I type, so I will add them to this post. **added**
Anyway... I go in Thursday cause I am in some pain. I cant describe it, it just felt like he wanted out, now. They check me, nothing. They do a cervical ultrasound, nothing. Well it did show that his head is basically sitting on my cervix, which would explain all the pressure. At this point I am feeling stupid because I went in cause of pressure. Then they did a non-stress test which showed that I was having contractions. I had to get a shot of some medication that made me very jittery and wait for them to calm down. Thankfully they did, and I was able to go home, to return on Monday, but to be on bedrest until then. So here I am. I think that the worst for me is that I just feel lazy. I dont like feeling like that at all, and it is upseting me. I also am feeling like I need to wash all of Chase's things, but I dont have the dresser painted yet, so I have no where to put them away. I need to wait until the appointment Monday, see what they say and then I can decide whether or not I really need to be freaking out like this. I did email one of the nurses that I used to work with (she works in the NICU now) just to get some insight on what to expect if he does come soon. The test I am having done Monday (fetal fibronectin) should help them to know whether or not I will deliver soon.... I will report back then..... :)

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