Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yep. Thats Right. Still Pregnant.

So what week are we on now? Like 57? It feels like 92. In reality? 33. I am almost done. The end is near. The finish line is looming before us. I should consider myself lucky. I actaully have a set date. I know when this is going to happen. I get to go 12 days early. I really only have to make it like 38 weeks. The crappy thing is, you would think that I only have 5 weeks left, right? Nope. 6 weeks from yesterday. I cant wrap my brain around the counting of the weeks. Whatever. So. Here is a new belly pic. There is something in there. It wants out.

On a little nicer note.... we finally put up the pool! Can I just say, I LOVE the pool? I LOVE THE POOL. LOVE THE POOL! Its so nice to get in there, and float around without carrying all the "extra" weight. It just feels good. Riley really seems to enjoy it too. In fact, we came home after work today and got right in. I need to have Derrick take some pictures of her in the pool! Derrick doesnt swim, and since I am always in the pool with her, it leads to some technical difficulties.

Okay. Derrick is off playing poker, I want to scrapbook...

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