Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Utter Cuteness

<-----is this not priceless? Is it a ghost? A shodow? Nope. Just my child! Riley has become obssessed with all things bathtub. Get the dogs toy. Put it in the bathtub. Folded laundry. Put it in the bathtub. Half eaten ritz cracker. Bathtub. Cordless phone? You guessed it. Bathtub. After hours on hours of bathtub fishing, the wee one is down for the night. i think that her and daddy have had an enjoyble couple days together! I think that when she is good its so much easier for them to get along! Plus now that she is soooo mobil. Oh. I just realized that it sounds like Derrick and Riley dont get along otherwise. But they really do. She is 100% a daddys girl. The whole way. Loves him like no other. Enough said. Well. I got my new scrapbook order today, so I must get creative....

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