Sunday, July 09, 2006

Okay. I cant get these in any type of order, but they are just some new pages I wanted to share.... I took these pics of Cindy last weekend, and just finished them for her maternity album. The {she} page is of Riley Alayna (of course) and is one I did laast night. The boys are busy outside working, and Riley is (at the moment) sleeping. I have already cleaned house and done laundry, so now its "creative" time. I need to work on my AAM book. (all about me).

The walls are all up, the plywood is being completed as I type. Thank God for all these helpers! I need to post some pictures of the addition, maybe I will do that later today.

Matt left to go back to Ft. Dix. It was so hard (again) to say goodbye to him. Its just so weird to think that he is going to fight for all of us, while we sit here, in the air conditioning, drinking our ice water, typing on the computer. Reading a book. Sleeping in our comfy beds. Its not fair and its not right. We all need to thank our soldiers, and say a special prayer for them, each and every day. We love you Matt!!!!!

Okay. off to be creative. But now, the dryer stopped, so I have to fold clothes, and make the bed. Maybe that will inspire creativity? I doubt it!!

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