Monday, April 10, 2006

Just for Amber......

Amber! This post is all for you!! I told you that I would post these tonight, and for once I am following through on something!!

So I have a VERY grumpy baby tonight. She is trying to put her self to sleep right now, and its not working for her. Poor thing. I think that her little teeth are just hurting her!

We did go have our pictures done, with Miss Amber tonight! I can not wait to see them! Riley is, shall we say, expression-full? WE only got a couple smiles, but I think that they are going to be soooo perfect anyway. Plus I cant wait to see the chef-pot pics!

I have been woking on some new pages, I will post them tomorrow. It seems like it takes FOREVER for my pics to upload, so its easy if I only do a couple at a time.

Well I better check on the peanut, its awful quiet in there, course thats probably good--sleep may have been achieved at last!!

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Anonymous said...

how the heck did she do that 2nd expression? I'm jealous.

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