Thursday, April 13, 2006

Help! Help!

Something has happened in my bathroom. I can't figure it out. I dont know what would have made it happen. Some how, some way the closet has vomited all over my bathroom floor. Everywhere. It's putrid. Thats not all. It has overtaken a corner in Riley's room. How did this happen? The laundry is threatening to overtake my life. Will there ever be one single laundry free day? What do you do for this? Is there a lundry vomit specialist you can call? I am starting to get worried. I think that I could work full time here, at home, on laundry. Okay maybe not ONLY laundry but it would be close. Fourtunatly I was able to take a picture of some of the laundry vomit... here is the proof of what is happening in the White household (I always hate saying "the White household"--it sounds like we are white supremicists or something......)

I do have some new pictures of the sweetie... We took a couple pictures together yesterday, at home. She was trying to crawl out of her changing table. This was of course before all hell broke loose and we screamed for an hour and a half. For no reason. No reason. Let me repeat. No reason. And of course we have to throw a daddy pic in there for good measure. We are, after all, daddys little girl!

Okay.. I obviously need to post pictures, and type later... such is life!!

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Anonymous said...

she can crawl? -V

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