Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Back of house (taken from the jungle)
 Back of house again. Garage is to the left, somewhere behind those trees.
 Side/rear of house. Entire porch will be torn off, including the balcony "poop porch". will be replaced with two story addition that will contain master bath, and additional room for Chases room.

Downstairs "porch" will be mudroom/laundry/pantry with access to attached garage and additional bath (or closet) off of living room.
 Front Porch/Tick breeding ground

 Front of house from what might have been a driveway. . . . thirty years ago
 Huh. Wonder why there is water damage???
 Wall behind W&D will be removed giving access to front of house.
Kitchen cabinets. This whole thing will be removed. Bar/eat in dining added.
The seventies ate this dining room and haven't puked it back up yet. Mirror wall will be removed.

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