Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Well. I think the porch has to go. That and the fact that it doesnt have a FOUNDATION.
 View of porch from kitchen. This will be the new addition. To the left will be laundry, door will remain, additional door on right for attached garage.
 Yeah. Glad we didnt fall through.
 Ewww. But at least they cleaned the table????
 From front yard.
Front yard looking toward outbuildings.

Besides mentioned changes, strip house to studs. Replace insulation, wiring. New roof, new furnace, new AC. New drywall, flooring, and possible windows. New kitchen cabinets (we would keep the old except for the PEE stains). Replace all appliances (there was sooooo much poo on the stove). New trim, refinish stairway, paint. And of course, mow.

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