Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Saturday-ness

So, Derrick is off today, which in a sense is messing up my whole world. He is taking over the TV remote. The computer (thank goodness for the new one--thanks mom and dad!!). He is sitting in MY spot on the couch. But the kids were ecstatic this morning, when they figured out he was home for the day!! We are headed to a wedding this afternoon (congrats Matt and Amy!!) so they are staying at grandma and grandpas for the night. Tomorrow we are headed four wheeling so they will be with Aunt Chandra. I am not usually a big fan of passing my kids off for the weekend, let alone a night, so I am feeling a little guilty!!

Riley had preschool graduation last night which of course went off without a hitch. She was so sweet, so cute, and so grown up. I managed not to cry, although I did struggle a bit. Its just so hard to see her growing up, so fast. Before I know it we will be getting ready for prom. And highschool graduation. And college. Ick. I just want her to stay little! We had cake last night to celebrate and then let them stay up late just hanging out to celebrate some more!!

I have been working on cards in every spare minute I have. Which is a lot lately! I just filled up one entire photo box, and am starting on another. Any of my family members can expect to receive groups of cards as parts of future presents, cause I have a ton of them. I am toying with the idea of selling on Etsy, just dont know if its worth the effort. I am also thinking about reaching out to some contacts I have at various places (local hair shop in Villa Grove, and a couple local florists) to see about maybe having a display. We will see. Nothing major in the works yet. And I find that once something like this becomes a job, it becomes much less fun than it used to be. Thats the number one reason I hate scrapbooking for people. I can handle some parts, like projects I choose to take on myself, but when someone says "oh I should just bring you all his/her pictures from birth to graduation" I get a little blech feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think that its because the pictures that someone gives you are THEIR memories, not yours. I have a much easier time matching my layout to the feeling/emotion that I know was going on while a photo was being taken. I have mentioned to people that ask me about projects like this before that I would prefer they go through their pictures, and write down why the picture was taken, who, what and where. Just my two cents. On a totally different tangent I am considering applying for some design teams, mainly through the people I purchase my digital stamps from. Digital stamps are so easy and fun to use, and I love that you can size, resize, print, get the idea. Once again, I dont want it to become a chore though, so I have to give it some thought.

So, I think thats all the update for now. I need to get some pictures uploaded of the kids. I am dreading looking and seeing just how many are really on my camera at this point. :)

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