Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Everyone should be peed on, at least once a day…..


Sigh. I am officially a potty training fool. Chase and Jack both started potty training today.  Despite several accidents first thing, they both did fantastic this morning! I was even able to take them to the church for about 15 minutes in their big boy undies to pick up the kids from VBS.

But, despite being peed on and praising with suckers and following around asking “are you dry” fifteen thousand times, it makes me sad. This is my last little guy. My last baby, and this is just one more step in the growing up process that I wish I could magically pause. Its one more way that he wont need his mommy. One more step of independence. Before I know it, the baby that had to sleep in my bed with me, the boy that wanted four different kinds of cereal for breakfast, the baby that still has his aci, will be a full grown little man. And that breaks my heart!

Before I get all emotional lets talk about some happy things. :)


Basket full of cards….I officially have a stockpile! Yay!


This pad = best invention ever. From SU, its 100 sheets of grid lined paper. And its FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Wish I had ordered this 5 thousand years ago!

Speaking of things I wish I had ordered….I found an old SU book the other day. Now I am obsessed with finding all these old SU sets I wish I had bought way back when. So, I have been hitting EBay hardcore, and snatching up every set that I deem “necessary”. Unfortunately, I use derricks eBay account, so I am sure before long (read: once I hit a certain dollar limit) he will cut me off. Until then, its game on. Happy bidding to me! :)

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