Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday, Sunday….


Dad. Here is a picture of my new pink purse for you. I know that you were dying to see it. :)


Riley with Savannah at the Basketball game.


Riley cheering. Or standing there looking lost. Whichever you prefer….

025 Walked into the backroom yesterday and spotted this. Boots two sizes to big. Hat backwards. Saggy pants. Is this what the teenage years will look like? I hope he looses the paci by then!


034 Sicky. Riley threw up last night (or throwed up as she calls it). So far so good this morning. She is on movie three of the HP marathon that we are having today, and LOVING them. I love that she loves HP. Makes me happy. And Derrick actually sat down and watched with her last night. I am not sure if he would have if she wasn't sick, as he is an adamant HP hater (I try to block that thought out of my mind) but it was sweet nonetheless.


Work in progress on my desk right now. I want to finish it up, and use the scraps with these stamps:


to make a fun, Springy card! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the saggy pants. That is too cute. Are you sure he wasn't working on the plumbing and was taking a break?


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