Friday, August 08, 2008


<--- radar. Don't you just want to keep him??

<---yep. She is mine.

<--- I love that she scrapbooks.

<--- my little construction worker.

<--sweet boy. Can you believe that he is one? How does this happen????

So I finally uploaded my pics. 211 of them to be exact. I have to admit, I am scared to do it, and still might save them on the other drive as well, cause it just freaks me out. I cant help it. I am a freak.

Big news on the home front. I put my notice in at work this week. Probably the hardest, best decision I have ever made. I am going to be staying home with the kids and taking in a couple daycare kids during the day. Not only is this going to be better for us financially, but it will be better for me emotionally, and so much better for the kids! I cant wait to spend my days with them (and three other little ones eeek!). Riley has already made grand plans including the park for when mommy stays home. I am so excited to not have a 45 minute commute every morning and night, and will be glad that I don't have to hurry through the evening routine anymore! I am truly blessed to have a supportive husband who supported me whole heartedly through this process! He is pretty brave too, considering that he is home at least one day during the week!!

Chase had a very happy birthday! I really can not believe he is one! It totally shocks me! I wish he was little again! He started walking on the 30th, and has really been putting steps together these past few days! He can get pretty far with his "waddle" as Derrick calls it!

Riley is doing well. She is getting very possesive over her things with Chase, which leads to much fighting. I think that she is learning though if she doesnt make a big fuss over things, then he will eventually back off and leave her alone. She really doesnt have a high level of patience though, so its a little hard for her!

OKay. Thats all for now. Off to bed....

PS. Radar isnt our dog. He is Matts. However, should Matt ever decide to leave him here, that would be okay. In fact we might just steal him. Yes, we can get him a little cameoflauge bandana and he can run off with us. No one will ever know little bandito. Yo quiro taco bell.

PPS. Matt--we almost bought him a shirt tonight. I love Walmart.

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