Sunday, February 10, 2008

The one thing my sisters taught me in life.....

<--- was to french braid.... I am just excited I got to do my little girls hair this way!!!

<---overdramatic smile, I know. But still cute.

<---up on our hands....He can even get on his knees and rock now...

<----cutie pie

<----aaaahhhh. I have taught her to scrapbook. Daddy can kiss the money goodbye.

So. My sisters didnt actaully teach me to french braid, but they did provide somewhat willing heads of hair. If I remember right Vanessa was a lot more tenderheaded than Chandra. But Vanessa always had TONS of tangles (sorry love, but its true). Chandra had the best hair for french braiding, but she wouldnt let me do it very often. Riley was patient, but was ready for me to get it over with. As long as she had her stickers, she was fine.

We took the kids to Champaign today. Riley and I went to Michaels together, where we bought TONS of stickers for her. She is in sticker heaven. Any peice of paper she can find is covered with stickers. We are just lucky she hasnt gotten to Chase or the dog. Yet.

Chase has an awful rash on his face. We have been putting vasaline on it at night and it looks better in the morning. But then it starts all over again. We are not sure if he has a food allergy, or if its from teething and drooling so much.

Alright. Derrick is trying to hook up the new speakers, which require him to be behind the desk, so I have to move....

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much Riley brings back memories of you when you were younger--even with her brown eyes...Love, Mom

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