Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Carat? Or Carrots?

Good story behind this one. Derrick and I were talking about diamonds the other day. I said something about getting a carat diamond ring (in jest, I assure you!!) Derrick told me he would get me a whole bag of carrots, if thats what I wanted. Flash foward to valentines day. Derrick goes out to get my present, comes in and takes riley to the front of the house with him. Next thing I know, here comes my innocent little two year old, carrying a bad of carrots. Nice touch, Derrick...At this point I am just waiting for my card, so Riley and I start eating the carrots. I look down at her, and she is wearing this necklace around her neck! I was so shocked and so suprised! And Derrick gave it to me so cute! I am scrapbooking this one for sure.....

<---- And my picture wall is done! Woo hoo! Well maybe not done, but we have all the current pics hung, which is a good feeling! We actaully have things on the wall in the back room, besides the new TV! I tried to take a better picture, but I had to stand all the way in the other corner just to get this shot!

So, nothing much eventful planned for the weekend. I am working on Cindy's maternity scrapbook, so I am hoping to get some of that done. I dont have much left to do, but what I have left is leaving me clueless on titles, so I am kind of procrastinating. I am wokring on her 5 month page now, and I think that I have pictures of the room, some sono pics and her birth story left. Other than that I should be almost done!! An'd m'y scrapbook room is a mess to prove the fact that I hav[e been working busily. I apologi[ze for all the little punctuations going on, but Riley is helping me type! to start a load of laundry.... and mom, I only have two loads left!! :)

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