Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Okay. So. I am uploading new pics of my memory card as I type, and will post them tonight. I am also finishing Riley's birthday invitations. There is just so much going on this month, we decided to actually do her party on her birthday night. We know that there will be people who wont be able to come cause of the drive and what not, but we figured we would give it a shot. I have finished picking up all her presents, and all the decorations, and I ordered her cake today. We are good to go. A week from tomorrow, my little girl will be two! Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was giving her bottles and watching her try to roll over. I hope that Chase doesnt grow up that fast! He is already big enough!

Chase slept really well last night. Besides needing a pacifier through the night, he is really doing well! We started cereal in the bottle at night only, at about six weeks. It was like he wasnt getting enough at all from the formula, and the cereal seems to help keep his little belly full! He is smiling on his own now. Its about the cutest thing ever. There is nothing sweeter that a cute gummy baby smile!

I have been working away on my Christmas project, and am about half done. I am hoping that I can finish this week, as I know it will be crazy when I go back to work! I go back on Monday, and although I am looking foward to adult conversation, I am going to miss these two something severe! I am lucky that I am taking a day off every other week, so the kids will never be in daycare more than three days a week, and I can have a chance to try to keep up with things around here!

I left the kids with Derrick today so I could head into town for a doctors appointment, and do some last minute shopping. I stopped by the Childrens place, and did some damage. I got the little ones some cute little outfits, and I bought their Halloween costumes. They are both being little duckies. The outfits are so cute. We tried them on the kids already. Chase's little hat is so big, but it looks adorable!

Chases pictures are up online now too..... www.photographicsgallery.net They are so rotten cute! I ordered a big one of Riley kissing Chase. I think that it will look perfect on the wall here in the new room! Now I just have to find a frame! I did manage to get a ton of frames today for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. NOw I just need to get pictures in them and get Derrick to hang them!

Well... I am going to post these pics in a new post, and head to bed...

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