Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cutest Kids... Ever

I am so happy I got these pics of Chase smiling!

And of course Riley, in all her glory, doing what she does best.....

We had a laid back day today. Sent out birthday invites, washed laundry, scrapbooked, and that was about the extent of it. It was nice to be calm though! I am looking foward to going back to work still, but as the time gets closer, I get more and more worried how I will cram my day into a four hour time span between getting home and going to bed! At least Riley still goes down pretty early, so that is helpful. And one of my friends pointed out that we wont be here through the day anymore, which will cut down on the mess.

Scott and Julie's wedding is this weekend, and the kids will be decked out in camoflauge! I think that it will be really cute to see the girls together in their matching dresses, and little Chase in camo overalls! What cute kids we all have!

Ordered a new book from Amazon today... Jodi Picoult (again). The book is called 19 minutes. I really recommend her books to read if you have not yet. This is coming from someone who doesnt stray from what she likes and knows. I have read Harvesting the Heart, Salem Falls, and Plain Truth. Loved them all. I just started picture perfect, and will get it done by the time the next book arrives! I even paid extra for shipping so that it will be here Friday! This book is about a school shooting in a small town. There was an exerpt in the end of one of the last books I read, that left me dying to read this one (the nineteen minutes one).

Well I think that I should get some scrapping done while its quiet. Derrick just called and is running errands in town before he comes home, so I have about another 45 minutes to myself... Riley is already in bed, and Chase is sleeping in his swing....

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