Thursday, July 26, 2007

Utter Cuteness

<----just the cutest thing ever. Seriously.

<-----content curled up on Mommy

<---looking onery as ever.

I am pretty sure that Derrick and I have the best kids EVER. Seriously. They are too stinking cute! Both were pretty well behaved today. Riley had some minor meltdowns, but nothing major. Chase slept realy well, and actually spent about an hour awake this afternoon. He was more alert during that time, then I think I have seen him be in a while. We have our first Dr.'s appointment tomorrow. I cant remember if he gets shots during this one or not. I am thinking not, but I may be seriously wrong. In which case Daddy better be ready to shell out some money, cause everytime we get shots in this house we get to go buy a new toy. Its no wonder we have so much crap! In my defense, Riley still has the moo cow we bought after her first Dr.'s visit, and loves it to death.

I am going to work on my birth announcements tonight, so hopefully everyone will have a real live picture of Chase along with all his stats before long...

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