Saturday, March 10, 2007

Is it Spring?

<--- we took an early morning walk to Miss Opal's and the post office. Riley LOVES the wagon, even more than before!

<---playing outside this afternoon. The backyard is a mud pit, so it was a little messy, but worth it.

<---I dont keep her locked in the backyard...she was watching the kids play baseball in the back. She looks like a little inmate though...

Not much else going on here. I filed our taxes tonight. For someone that is pretty detail oriented, this is hard for me. I have to check. And re-check, and then check again. It was a half hour process, turned into a 3 day event. But they are sent in, so hopefully we will be seeing that return soon!

I felt the baby kick this afternoon. It was a good solid movement, that I could feel on the outside of my belly. Love that feeling. Now if we can just be patient till the 20th to find out what it is! Its so strange to think that this wasnt an option for people years ago. They had to wait the whole 9 months, and I get antsy waiting a whole 4!

I napped a lot today. Riley took about a three and a half hour nap, and so did I. I also slept when she went down for the night, until Derrick got home. I have had this nagging headache all day and cant seem to get rid of it. I was hoping to get a little scrapping done, but think I will be laying back down instead.

I guess thats all the updates..... Where are the comments??


Anonymous said...

Wow! Riley's always lookin like some inmate now huh? lol she's adorable. hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Your grandma and grandpa loved the pictures. They were a hit with the cousins, too.

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