Sunday, March 04, 2007


We can put ADORABLE pigtails in Riley's hair. They are so stinking cute. The minute she lays down for a nap, she takes them out. Not so cute. She got up today, looking like a little excaped convict. She reminded me of those pictures of Nick Nolte (I think thats who it is) when he had his mug shot done. Hair was everythere. By the end of the night, she looked like one of those bedraggled kids that you see on COPS, cause their parents are fighting, and the cops are having to hold the kids. Sad. But she is ours, wouldnt change it.

We didnt do much today. Went to Menards early this morning to get some stuff for the duct work for under the house. It was considerably more then Derrick "guess-timated". It wasnt too bad, he was thinking cheaper though. He wasnt going to buy the vent covers until I pointed out that he would have gaping holes in the floor when he rips out the door between the new room and the kitchen next week. Gaping holes and our child are not a good combination. We already have to go through the trash before we take it out, cause she throws EVERYTHING away. Shoes, socks, jeans. Anything she can fit in there.

Well thats it I guess. There is a new show on tonight that is supposed to have the Dukes of Hazzard before they were the Dukes of Hazzard. Kind of like Smallville. Derrick is sooooo excited. I am not. I think I will scrapbook....

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