Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bloggity, blog blog

I am trying. Seriously I am. Yesterday I thought about it. I got on the computer. I didnt do it. Today I am. Thats right, I'm Bloggin!

So here is a new LO (layout) for everyone. How come I am not caught up? Why am I scrapping months old pics? Its scary. Will I ever be caught up? I actually just printed a newer pic, so I am pretty excited, and hoping that I scrap it tonight. However, Ghost Hunters is on tonight, and usually commands my full attention. I know its a repeat, but still. Cant get enough!

Lisa is heading out to see Brian tomorrow. Everything is so emotional right now, and very stressful. I handle things different I think, cause I never say when I am mad. I never disagree. I just want everyone to play nice. Get along. Share. Share the people in your life. Like eachother. Life is to short to be so angry. Didnt these people go to Kindergarten? PLAY NICE DAMNIT!

Vent over. So not a whole lot else here. Some of the walls are built for the addition, however, they will not go into place until Sunday. Sunday we are backfilling, plywooding the floors, putting up the walls, putting up the trusses, and plywooding the sides and roof. Hopefully. My job, cause I know you were wondering, is cooking out, and making sure everyone is well fed. And comfortable. Thats the extent. This weekend is a four day weekend for me, so I am hoping that Riley cooperates, and I can get something accomplished. I dont know what that something is yet, but I want to get it done. I have this enormous urge to *spring clean*. No, I am not nesting. I promise. I just feel like I want to re-arrange furniture. Clean under the couch. Sort old clothes. Okay I better stop.

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