Saturday, February 06, 2010

Its the Weeeeeekend!!!

I am embarrassed to admit that I am blogging while I upload close to 300 photos to print. Yikes. I have not ordered pics in FOREVER!! Anyway, I got all my homework caught up for next week yesterday and so I wanted to spend time scrapping today. When I looked through my pics almost NOTHING was inspiring me. Then I came across this photo…and made this page….


And I hung it up on my clipboard, and cleared off my other pages. And thats when I realized it. The last 12x12 page I scrapbooked was 10-08-2009. Yikes. So I am on a mission today to scrap more. But holding truw to using my scraps I made this little card after finishing my page….


Really, I should have put the rawr! a little closer to the dinosaur. But oh well. It works.


Off to do some more….

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