Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scrappy Goodness for a Scrappy Saturday….

So its icky out. Foggy and cold. But I have pictures to share. . .

First up… December Daily updates….And I apologize if some of these have been posted. But its Saturday, and I am too lazy to look back and see if they have!!!




This two gives you a good idea of the “mixed media” feel of the album. You can see the pages beneath, at the same time as viewing the actual page. Know what I mean?? And I love the look of using all different types of pages, from envelopes to acrylic to chipboard. *sigh* I love it!!


005 009


012 This one is super plain, but super special. It has all the information from my grandpas memorial service, along with journaling about grandpa. I liked that included envelopes for this reason. Its here, in my album, because its very important to me, yet its also private, for the same reason.




I got a new toy….

Any guesses???



YAY!!!! I cant wait to play with this thing. Can. Not. Wait. As in considered putting the kids down for nap at nine AM after picking this beauty up from the post office.


Alright. And some colors that are inspiring me today:


Something about this pink (although it looks redder in this picture) and green together is making me want to start the ghost hunters marathon on DVR and get my hands inky!!! I plan to create a card, and hopefully will post when I am done! I am realizing that I need to use my scraps, so my goal is to create a card every time I do a layout. That way I will have a surplus of cards to give when needed, whether it be a birthday card for someone's birthday, or a group of cards to give to someone for their own use. And too, if I decide to do Woolly Worm this year, I will be ahead of the game. I know, right? Ahead of the game? What's that????

And just cause the pink showed up crappy:


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Pam said...

Love, love, love your layouts! And the subjects are pretty cute too....

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