Saturday, January 02, 2010

All Clean….


All of my patterned paper. Seriously took me about 3 hours to go through between last night and today….

What my


What my room looked like last night. About 1AM. Mid clean…. See the fry box in the right hand corner? I filled three of those. With trash. The rest of the stuff was donated to a very happy four year old… ;)


Shelves mid clean….



Wait. Take note. You can see the freaking carpet!!!!

008 Sigh. Cleany, scrappy goodness.


Adorable pink basket. Target 1.00 spot. Its home to all my little dies.


I am ashamed to admit. The seven drawer cart on the left holds stamps. And its full. And I have another three drawer card (between my bookshelves and this (you can see it above)) that is full as well.

And those little (big) plastic IRIS containers. Miscellaneous (sorted miscellaneous) stickers, journaling tags, rub ons, ect. All full.



WHAT????? I can see the top of my desk!!! I am not sure that's ever happened!!


It actually took me probably eight hours to get it all done. I got pissed off yesterday, and when I get mad I feel the need to purge. So thats what happened. I started about 1pm yesterday and worked pretty steady and then started back up this morning about 10 and finished at two. Now. Its clean. And I want to play with everything! The best thing about doing a purge like this is finding things that you have bought, run home with *coughhiddenfromthehubbycough* and totally forgot you had. And then you realize that you are also a collector of some things. For example. I learned about midnight last night that I have 46 (yes 46) bottles of Prima flowers. If you ask me though, I will lie and tell you I have a couple. And I realized I have tons of ribbon! I told a friend tonight, that from here on out, everything I make is going to have to have a ribbon and a flower on it. I just need to USE this stuff up!


Alright. I want to finish my December Daily album up, while the ideas are still fresh and the room is still clean…..

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