Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since my last post was full of pictures, I figured I better update on something in our lives. Obviously we went to Ohio this past weekend. While we enjoyed ourselves, it was a short trip, and we are hoping to go for a longer visit sometime soon. The kids did surprisingly well on the drive, but I have to credit a lot of that to Aunt Chandra, who not only has the ability to amuse my kids, but puts up with them like no one else can!

Riley had Friendship soup day at preschool this week. She chose to take Chase on Tuesday, and she was invited by a friend to go today. I think that she had a lot of fun, and I know that Chase was WAAAAaaay excited to go to Rileys school to play with the choo-choos. He put on his coat and backpack and was out the door. Breaks my heart to think that he will actually be going on his own to preschool next year. What happened to my baby? They need to stop growing!

Were getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am in charge of deviled eggs, pumpkin bars and green bean casserole, none of which I have started yet. Holidays were much easier when you were younger and not trusted to cook anything! I think that I will have to get up early and start everything!

I am doing my first set of Christmas Cards for someone. Although I am having so much fun making them, its nerve wracking to wonder what someones response to your work will be. I am very hopeful that she likes them, and even if she doesnt I hope she lies and tells me she does. I have to admit though, making cards makes me want to do them for a craft fair again, even though its a TON of work! I might do a couple sets for Christmas gifts for some people.

Were headed Christmas shopping Friday and tomorrow night. The outlet mall is opening at midnight again, so we will head out there, and then head up to Champaign. I am just having a hard time deciding what everyone is getting, so its almost a pointless trip. I wish I had a more selective idea on what to get people. I think that Riley will get doll furniture, and Chase geo-trax. But I am not ready to commit yet.

Classes are going okay. I just finished a ten page paper on Beowulf and the effects of early Anglo Saxon literature on midwestern civilization. Exciting, I know. I am so ready to be done with this class and just move on to next semester!!

Alright. There is the mother of all updates. Card pictures and pics of the kids headed to school together to follow...

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