Sunday, November 08, 2009

Punkin’ Picking…

fall 2009 031 She is the only one that sat still enough to take pictures of

fall 2009 058 Only way that I could catch them still. Little sillies.

fall 2009 066

fall 2009 086 Punkins’!!! I take a pic like this every year and then adjust the contrast to use for the cover of my mini album for fall. I know. I know. I am crafty like that.

fall 2009 092 New screensaver

fall 2009 093 Riding in the homecoming parade.

fall 2009 114 Silly witch.


For all the pictures I take, can you believe I didnt take a single one of them trick or treating. My plan is to have them put on their costumes again and do a staged shot. Sneaky. Sneaky!

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