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2009 015

So. She didn’t cheer. But she was there. She is the one on the left of miss Tami. The one sucking her thumb. Yep. That's her. She didn't move. But she got out there, and that the important part.

Side note. Want to know something hilarious? Derrick is volunteering to be the working parent for preschool. His thought is that he can take care of working there much better than he can deal with all my daycare kids. So his working day in November? Its on friendship soup day. So. Every kid at school gets to bring a sibling/friend to school with them. So, he will have DOUBLE the kids at school that day, as well as having Riley AND Chase. I LOVE it. I think that it will be traumatic. And fun. And I will be giggling. Inside.

Riley will be on the Wooly Worm float for the VG homecoming parade on the 23rd. So if you want to come, its at 145 on the 23rd. Her preschool will be in the parade too, so it should be lots of fun. I requested the afternoon off daycare, since its in the middle of nap.

And another side note. Riley's picture is in the VG paper this week for Wooly Worm queen. I think I have all the major player accounted for for copies. But if anyone else is interested let me know, and I will pick up additional copies.

2009 008 Just cause he is cute. And he isn't eating cookies. That's dirt. What can I say? He is a boy. And dirt has to have some nutrition in it right? It does. Otherwise plants wouldn't survive.

The kids are officially in separate rooms. Which reminds me, I have some pics of Chases room….

IMG_4037 Ramone. So flipping proud of those flames.

IMG_4038 Tippiun’ tractor. One of my favs.

IMG_4040 Luigi and Guido.

IMG_4041 Tin Lizzy. Outline only .

The sad thing is that I still have to finish Mack and Mater. I keep telling myself once school is in break, I will have more time. Its just too crazy right now.

Anyway. They are doing great in separate rooms. Which is good. Riley usually spends an hour getting up and down to go potty. But eventually they fall asleep. I think that the change was rougher on her than him. I think that he is just glad he can go in and go to sleep instead of having her play all night long!

Alright. Off to bed….

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