Saturday, September 19, 2009



I am taking a break from getting ready for Riley's birthday party. Its almost three, and the party starts at five, and for the first time ever, I have almost everything done well before party time! The kids are still napping, so I am going to catch a quick shower, and get the last minute things (like setting up the table) ready to go!

Its been busy around here. I started back to school. Online only, of course, and its only two classes. But those two classes are really interrupting my scrapbook/Harry Potter reading time! I am lucky that i have naptime during the day to at least catch up on reading and math problems, but its still super crazy!

Riley started preschool. She loves it. Of course. Derrick was the working parent the other day, and he said that she was just kind of off to herself. I figure after playing with ten kids in her house all day long she probably just wants to be alone! I think that this is a good opportunity for her to make some new friends and start learning how to listen to someone besides mommy!

Chase is good. We had to up his iron dosage a couple weeks ago. Hopefully this will do the trick, but I am not sure. There are so many rules and restrictions on when to take, what to take it with, when to go to bed, when to have milk, when to eat. Its really hard to plan the little guys day!

Alright. Off to the shower….   :)

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