Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gritty grout....

Derrick and I just finished grouting our tile floor. What a hot mess. I hate grouting. I seriously hate grouting. But I helped. And that's what counts. But I HATE grouting.

I figure with all my picture posts maybe I should update on our lives a little too. So. Here goes.

Really? I don't have much to report.

Riley got into preschool in Villa Grove. She will start in September and until today was absolutely convinced that she would get to ride the school bus. I think we finally got through to her that Derrick will be taking her and picking her up. She is growing so fast, that its kinda weird. Sometimes I just watch her playing and I am totally amazed that this little baby is such a big girl!

Chase is good too. No preschool for him! He has to stay my baby f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Or else. I cant bear the thought of him growing up on me too! He is such a boy, always driving his trucks and tractors all over the place. He loves weekends when the baby gate is open and he can fly through the kitchen on his ride on digger. Cute. But dangerous. He doesn't care if you move out of his way. He can move you. That's what the bucket is for, right? Chase is still little bitty, in fact he is in the lower 5th percentile for weight. We had some bloodwork done a week and a half ago that we are still waiting on results from. Thank you Carle, for returning my calls. I am thisclose to calling actionline. But I will wait until Thursday, when my patience and their two weeks will be up. Its just hard to be worried about your baby and not get the answers you want/need.

Derrick and I are plugging away at the addition. Right now we are just doing things as time (and money) provide. I think that Derrick has been so burnt out the last couple weeks, so its been nice to have a break and just wait for the next flurry of add-on activity. I think that the fact that we do these additions ourselves (with the help of friends of course) just makes it so much better. Like we are prouder or something. I am just anxious to get it done! Not only do I want the space, but I really want to refi the house while rates are low, and we can not get appraised while we are still under construction! Its just a catch 22 situation. Anyway, we are going to start on the floors in the second (or is it third) bedroom next week, and then hopefully get the coil unit for the air conditioner installed the following week. Doesn't it sound like I know what I am talking about? I really have no clue. I just pick up on things that Derrick says here and there, and elaborate.... :)

Okay. Update over. Time for bed....


I HATE grouting. Just want to put that out there..... :)

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