Monday, October 27, 2008

the pumpkin catch part 2

<---proof. They can be nice and sit together. Although not often.

<---go figure. Chase is more interested in the painting on the pumpkin than standing straight to take a picture.

<---Riley is SO big!

<---- I WANT this pumpkin

<--the whole fam. Why am I the only one looking at the camera???

I told Riley several times on Saturday that we were going to the pumkin patch on Sunday. Sunday morning we get up and she says "Were going to the pumpkin catch!!" So cute, and its kinda stuck now!!!

So we had fun at the "catch". Took lots of pics. We saw a "worry" worm (woolly worm) and we played in a maze. Riley took her camera and took pictures of the bunnies that she saw. They were both super good, and we now have two big pumpkins to carve! I think that we will try to tackle those tomorrow night, after daycare. Derrick is off tomorrow, so it will be easy to just drag him in and make him carve with us! I think that they will both really enjoy the carving this year!

Not much else to say here. We have been keeping busy, doing random things. I am working on an afghan for christmas, and waiting for my new yarn! I am making a blue and green blankie for Chase and a green and pink one for Riley. The boys that come here for daycare both have "bigabees" (their blankies) so I think that Riley and Chase will be super excited to get bigabees of their own! I just hope that I get them done in time!!!

Alright. Its almost 11. I have to get to bed. Derrick and I are having mouse issues, and I know I will have to get up super early to check and make sure Derrick takes care of the traps! Ick. I hope we kill them all. Sorry mom.... :( But I really HATE mice. They are so cute, but SO destructive.

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