Saturday, October 18, 2008

okay. a real update.

I know that I have not "technically" updated with any real info lately, so here goes.

Actually we really don't have a whole lot going on. I am still at home, doing home daycare. Its a lot of work and a lot of balancing with four (sometimes 5) kids here all day, but its really a lot of fun. I get to see my kids interact with other kids, and I get to be with them all day! And I even get to sneak in a load of laundry now and then, which is really nice. Derrick pointed out to me that our house is cleaner than ever before, so thats a nice plus too!! :) I miss the people that I worked with, and I think thats a given. Its hard to leave the people that have been there for you through so much! But I have kept in contact with people in the department so its not like I went away forever!! It sounds like Carle is having some problems now, so I think that this was the way to go for sure! I really would like to have one more fulltimer, but there just isnt a ton of interest in the area right now. I figure people have their kids settled and in the summer it will probably pick up some.

Riley is doing well. I have a scrapbook page planned for her for certian things that she is saying now. Things like "It's my pickup" (its my hiccup) and thats my cupsi (her drink). She has so many hilarious sayings and looks that its hard to mentaly capture them all, let alone catch them on camera.

Chase is.....well Chase is Chase. My little man. Full of attitude and energy. I swear the kid fears nothing. Today I caught him trying to get into the bathtub. By himself. He has a ball with Peyton here during the day. He is a very active member in playing chase and the kids usually pretend he is the monster and run from him. he loves this. He is so fun at lunch time, eating all his food the fastest and begging to get out of the highchair so he can get all the best toys first. Love this little cutie.

Derrick and I are still working on the addition. I think that at this point, the porch is done. Next spring we will add our railing, but other than that the siding is up and its all finished. Now all the work begins. The issue is figuring out what to do first and when in order to displace as many people as possible. We are hoping to get one of the bedrooms finished in a week so that the kids wont have to sleep in our room for long. Because of the daycare, space is an issue for sure, as we need to make sure that we have adaquate spaces for sleeping during naptime. Hopefully with all going well we can finish the far bedroom in a week and have the kids moved back in and then we wont have disrupted people for very long. so, people (and you know who you are!!!!) expect a phone call that week for help. I will have beer..... :) And we will order pizza hut. We never have pizza hut. Okay scott, the pizza hut comment was totally for you. :)

OOoh! I almost forgot Sarah Palin is supposed to be on SNL tonight. Hold please, I need to find the channel.

Okay. I am trying to think what else to update with, but I guess thats about the extent of it. I ordered some new pics and they came this week, so I really need to do some scrapping. For anyone that orders online prints, has a fantastic sign up special. Shipping is high, but for 400 (or is it 600??) free prints, I can eat a little shipping. And the print quality is FANTASTIC. And they come from hong kong, which doesnt really support the US in anyway, but its kinda cool to get a package from Hong Kong.

Okay. I need to buy some yarn for Chase's blanket I am making him for christmas....

I promise, I will TRY to update more frequently.

And Aunt Vanessa. I almost forgot. Derricks mom is always talking about how much Riley looks like you. Tonight in the tub I was washing her hair, and she looks up at me and says "mommy, I like Aunt Essa?" priceless.

And Aunt Chandra??? Dont feel left out. She asks about you CONSTANTLY. Call us soon, I know she would love to chat with you!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Kristen, while there might be a little of Vanessa's look, the resemblance between Riley and you at her age is amazing. Am wondering if Chase resembles Derrick when he was young. Do you have a lot of pictures of Derrick at that age?
Love, Mom

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