Saturday, December 01, 2007

new pics

we got new pics done today. This is just a little sample... I got the kids in santa hats and ordered a ton of wallets to put in our Christmas cards, so I wont post them here. the kids really did a good job, I was so proud of them! We shopped a little around the mall afterward and came out to a thick layer of ice all over everything. We headed to Target ran in and out and then headed home! Its not doing anything now, but we are under a freezing rain advisory until 6pm. I talked to Derrick earlier and told him to try to leave early if he could. Who knows if he will or not.
All my Christmas is almost all done! I love the feeling of being done this early! I have a couple gifts left to buy, but they are simple, little things that I can do here and there, so I dont have to rush out. I have one card box left to make and I have to complete a bunch of cards for the other two boxes. And still make my Christmas cards. I need to be cardmaking instead of internet surfing!!

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