Sunday, October 28, 2007


<----this is a horrible scan....not to sure what happened with the colors either.....they really all match, in real life

<---cute blues and greens.......even cuter baby

<--I am sure Derrick will appreciate this page. At some point.

<---chunky little man

<---carving pumpkins

I only have about 2.5 seconds, cause I can hear Riley starting to get up....

Everything is going well....Chase has a cold, I have a sore throat, and Derrick and Riley seem to be the only ones that feel fine! We started carving pumpkins this morning, and will finish today when Daddy gets done outside. Riley kept pulling one seed out at a time...makes for very slow pregress. Chase just watched, but Daddy did let him stick his hand in the pumpkin, just a little bit!

I've been trying to get something creative done everyday. Somehow I feel more peaceful when I am getting something crafty done. To bad that I dont feel the same about laundry or something.... to wrangle the monster....

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