Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cause Blogger Stinks sometimes......

<----new belly shot...

Ahhhh. Oreos. In the living room. Priceless.

So I have not been able to upload pics for forever. I cant figure out what it is. With my regular browser it doesnt ever load. I tried Firefox today, and hello... there they are!

We are all doing well. We have our next appointment on the 20th. Our Sono is at 2:00, and we see the Dr. at 3:00. So in like 17 days, we should know what we are having! Its starting to get real. In fact the picture above is the first pregnancy pic I have taken. I think I was scared to take one before this point. Sad, cause I am almost halfway through. Still no definate kicks, but I feel some swirling every once and a while!

We settled on the car, for a grand total of 1085.65. That .65 will get me far, I am sure. I am happy with settling, I just hate that what they are paying doesnt 1. cover the cost if we were fixing the car 2. isnt quite half what the car is worth. Oh well. It sucks that we had to buy another car, and are stuck with the neon, but life goes on. At least we are all okay. We refused to settle on medical until the sono. We want to see for ourselves that everything is okay.

Riley is doing well. Into everything. Cause what else would an 18 month old do? We had family pics taken. You can see them at Ambers site They are SUPER cute, I am having a hard time deciding! I know for sure I want to get a HUGE black and white print though.

Well its almost 7am here, and the bean will be up soon.....

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