Saturday, February 10, 2007


Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive. Just a horrible blogger. I would love to say that i have been incredibly busy, rushing here and there, and just have not had time. Thats not the case. If you want to believe that is the case, I will not choose to argue. The fact is i am lazy. Thats right. LAZY. I hate hauling my happy butt back here to the scrabook room, only to wedge my chair in between the computer desk and one of the towers of scrapbook paraphenelia, try to squeeze in, and type while my arm is hitting the cutting station (for scrapbooking of course). Then the heat turns on and all this warm air comes out from under the desk and I swear I am not pregnant, but in fact, approaching menapause, and having the worst hot flash in my entire life. There is the story. The whole truth. On to something more fun, kay?

<---- we got snow a couple weeks ago. I took Riley out in it, and she had a ball. Was adorable, as usual!

<-- I made oreo dessert last weekend for the superbowl party. I let her lick the spatula. She enjoyed every minute of it. Who doesnt like a sugar high at 8AM?

Well the good news is that insurance has decieded that the will go 50/50 on our car. Thats a lot better than the 70/30 they offered us. The 70 would be us, meaning that we were 70% at fault. Her insurance has also decieded that they will pay for my medical as well. I think that Derrick and I are just tired of fighting at this point. We give up! If they want to say that we are partially at fault, whatever. Just stop calling us and having us re-hash the whole day over and over again. And for the record to the lady in the white van: learn to visually measure distance, you moron. So. All in all, we will end up getting about 1,000 for our car, which is better than the 600 they initally offered us. It kinda sucks that our car is worth more than that (we blue booked it at 2300) but then again, we were not expecting to get anything, so something is nice. We went ahead and bought a new vehicle. We got a 2002 Dodge Durango. I like it, but am still getting used to the fact that its mine. I am sure it will hit me when we pay the first car payment. We have not had to pay a car payment in 3 years, so it will feel weird to pay one again!! Oh well, life goes on, and we needed something bigger anyway.

Baby is doing well. My belly is expanding. Its kinda weird to think that I will be 16 weeks on Tuesday. It seems like the time has gone so fast, yet so slow. Like the time until 12 weeks crawled by. Now the time is just flying. We go back to the Dr. on the 20th, and then we will hopefully schedule our sono!

Derrick is working on drywalling the addition tonight. From all the thumping I hear out there, I am asuming it is either A) progressing well. B) there are little peices of ripped up drywall shrapnell everywhere. I choose, while in the plush comfort of the scrapbook room, A. I should check on him soon though, as he has been known to fall of ladders. And you never know.

Well I promise, I will TRY to blog more. Try is the operative word here....

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