Thursday, March 30, 2006

2 days in a row!?!?

Am I on a roll? Bored? Who knows... I have been surfing the net, trying to figure out my stupid &*(&($#*@& UPS tracking number. I ordered some awsome scrapbook stuff online, and am waiting to recieve it. Everyday I come flying around the corner hoping to see that happy little package on the porch. No such luck. Yet. I will keep waiting. Impatiently. Very impatiently. *Please, please UPS men, deliver my package. Tomorrow. Or else*

Derrick, Riley and I met dad at El Toro for dinner tonight. It was good, but as usual way to much food! Way to much. At least I have leftovers! I am meeting Magan there for luch tomorrow, so I am thinking i am saving the leftovers from tonight, for tomorrow night!

I really need to write a letter to Brian. I am trying so hard to write every week, but I am about two weeks behind. My had cramps up so bad, and my mind thinks faster than I can write. This baffles me. I was the queen of passing notes in school. I would write them all day long, and never feel a thing. Now its like pulling teeth to write an entire page. I finally typed my last letter. I think that made it more legible, and I could use spell check. Lord knows, dad wants me to use spell check.

Little else going on... Little Riley is this weeks schedule picture (for work) I had to beg Kristin to put her there, but she is there. In all her cuteness. Doing what she does best!

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